A particularly important and enduring part of my life

I am a serial hobbyist from camping to photography to bourbon tasting, but the one that has always stuck is music. I started as a band kid, playing alto saxophone in the 6th grade; however, I excelled at guitar. Consequently, I petitioned the school to let me fill 25% of my middle and high school courses with music. I learned how to write and record my own music, performed at talent shows, and eventually started a YouTube channel in 2011. With a bit of work I was able to grow it to over 4 million views and 18k subscribers.

Then came Hollywood, a manager, NBC Television, etc... But I was 19 and barely knew who I was yet. I took a step back from playing and decided to perfect my craft in music production. I experimented with a few different genres and still do to this day. However, my most notable successes came from working behind the scenes as a producer and studio musician. Here are some of my accomplishments:

Songwriter/Studio Guitar