About Me

I’m a Statistician and Python Developer with expertise in Data Engineering, Data Visualization and Machine Learning. I’ve worked in Telecom technology, marketing, and institutional research and am currently looking for work. My Bachelor's Degree was in Math and Statistics and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Analytics from Georgia Tech.

Some of my favorite projects have involved revenue forecasting, marketing funnel modeling, and churn reduction. I’ve started from the ground floor, setting up experimental designs to both capture and test data, as well as jumped into the data mining well of large Oracle and Amazon warehouses.

Selected Projects

FOREX (Under Maintenance)

A Python powered Flask app

Historical currency conversion rates for hundreds of international and crypto currency pairs hosted on AWS.

Survival Analysis

A look into customer churn in R

Understanding customer churn rates through survival analysis helps us determine the true cost of offering a promotional discount.

Amazon Review Scraper

An installable Python Package

How to build a dataframe of all reviews and ratings of an Amazon product with a light-weight web scraper.

Campus Population

A simple Tableau chart

About 30k students attend Pasadena City College each year, but how many would be one campus at a given time?

Currently Seeking Opportunities

Contact me to talk about data science



Pandas • NumPy • Matplotlib • Scikit-learn • StatsModels • Flask • SciPy • Potly • PyTest


Dplyr • Ggplot2 • Shiny • Prophet • Caret • Survival • RMarkdown • Knitr • Potly


Redshift • PostgreSQL • Oracle PL/SQL • MySQL • SQLite • MongoDB • Google Big Query


UNIX • Git • Cron • HTML/CSS • REST API • AWS • SAS • Javascript • LaTeX • Matlab